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ImageMixer DVD Upgrade




DVD Upgrade

Capture, Organize, Edit, Print and Share in DVD Quality

ImageMixer is a handy multimedia application that enables you to capture, organize, edit and print. It includes features for creating Video CDs and, with the DVD Upgrade, for creating and burning DVDs. 

The DVD Upgrade has additional features which enable content to be saved in DVD quality onto DVD disc. This can then be played back in any DVD compatible player, making a great way to preserve and share those precious memories.



ImageMixer LabelMaker




DVD/CD LabelMaker

Professional Labels for Your Video and Audio Collections

With ImageMixer LabelMaker, you can create your own labels and jewel cases with the ultimate in ease and flexibility. Add your own, original art or use the free, eye catching templates. Wizards help you import album and song titles from audio play lists, making your final result an appealing visual arrangement. Supports many different stock labels and direct to disc print scribing.



Capty MPEG Edit EX




Capty MPEG Edit EX


Precise Frame by Frame Video and Sound Track Editing with Dolby Digital Support

With the advanced editing features of Capty MPEG Edit EX software, you can now create professional quality DVDs at an affordable price.  High performance frame by frame video and sound track editing features, with Dolby Digital support, allow you to tell your story the way you want it, without compromise.


This software is manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories.



ImageMixer News - December 2005 Issue


Pixela ImageMixer Online Help Center Now Available

In order to provide better support for our valued customers, we have launched the ImageMixer Online Help Center. The Help Centre provides you with answers to common questions, plus downloadable manuals and free updates for your ImageMixer software.

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Using ImageMixer to Share Photos with Family and Friends

In past years, when it came time to share photos, we brought out dusty photo albums or sat around in a darkened room, lulled by the meditating hum and click of a sleepy photo projector. In today’s modern world of plasma TVs and LCD panel displays, this hum-drum family experience has been replaced by displaying high resolution photos directly from our computer, media center or DVD player, accompanied with background music, titles and menus.

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DVD Camcorder and MAC Frustrations

I must admit that I was exceedingly frustrated that I could not use Apple's iDVD and iMovie to capture and edit videos that I took of my kids’ music recital on the new, state-of-the-art DVD camcorder that I purchased to record the occasion. To start with, DVD camcorders don’t come with a FireWire port, so the cable that I was accustomed to using with my MAC in conjunction with my previous tape-based camcorder was useless. Included with the camcorder was a USB cable, though. “Ahah!” I thought, “Now we can get going.” I thought wrong!

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Connecting your DVD Camcorder to your MAC using VRF Browser

Getting MPEG 2 files off your DVD camcorder and onto your MAC for editing and storage can be a frustrating experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these easy steps to successfully connect your DVD Camcorder to your MAC. Pay attention to the order of the steps, because performing them out of sequence can cause the two devices to fail to connect.

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Press Release - Latest


Pixela IEEE 1394 (Firewire) to USB 2.0 Digital Video (DV) Transfer Cable Now Available Online

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ImageMixer LabelMaker Now Available for Download Online

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Pixela ImageMixer DVD Upgrade Now Available for Sony Users

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 - DVD-R HG 5 Pack
40x more scratch resistance and a 50 year archival life





Maxell's DVD-R High Grade is 40 x more scratch resistant and has an archive life of 50 years. Order includes 5 DVD discs and matching DVD library cases.


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Firewire to USB2.0 DV Transfer Cable



It's the only one like it in the world!

The DV to USB 2.0 Transfer Cable is designed to provide superior image quality and blazing fast transfer times. It's patented micro chip technology within the cable module converts data from a firewire connection to USB 2.0 connection.


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